Fees, Charges and Terms & Conditions for Services

  • United Nations Lines offers customized transport and storage solutions tailored to the freight handling needs of your business or your client's business. Contact our offices for our service rates, and let us calculate costs appropriate for your product, as well as your budget. We will work with you to set up the best plan based on what you need to ship and when you need it shipped.

    Fees & Charges: Unless otherwise stated payment for the Goods or Services are due within 30 calendar days of the date of UN Lines invoice, which date will not be before the date of the UN Lines delivery of the Goods or Services. The Shipper shall pay a delinquency charge of the lesser of (1) 1.5% per month and (2) the highest rate allowed under applicable law on all overdue amounts until the amounts are paid.

    Storage fee: which is not paid in person or postmarked by the 5th day of the month are subject to an initial late fee of Ten and No/100 ($10.00). If storage fee is not paid in person or postmarked by the 20th day of the month, an additional Ten and No/100 ($10.00) late fee will be charged. In the event any check tendered for payment to UN Lines is returned after deposit unpaid by the back upon which it is drawn, a return check fee of Twenty and No/100 Dollars ($20.00) will be charged. In the event of a returned check, UN Lines reserves the right to require any arranges to be paid, and all future monthly payments to be made, in check or by certified funds.  

    Lien: In accordance with Texas and Federal law, UN Lines possesses a lien against the property stored pursuant to this Agreement for storage, services and other charges in relation to the property that have become due and for expenses necessary for the preservation of the property or reasonably incurred in the sale or other disposition of the property under law. This lien may be foreclosed in accordance with the provisions of Texas and FMCSA. and the property sold to satisfy the monetary claims of UN Lines which have accrued. In the event of a default giving rise to the assertion of a property lien, UN Lines may deny shipper’s access to the property contained in the storage facility after default and after notice thereof.

  • Contact us at 281-974-4167, to work with a shipping company offering affordable services.

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